No. 3 Democrat in the House to Appear With Farrakhan

Orange Impostor3/10/2011 9:58:36 am PST

Okay, I’ll take the bait on this one.

You have one - count them - ONE elected Democratic official sharing a stage with Louis Farrakhan where both were invited guests in a town-hall setting on things that can be done to rebuild African-American communities. There will be multiple viewpoints represented at this meeting. I am quite sure that if Farrakhan makes any outlandish statements in this setting, he will be quickly taken to task for it by the host (radio talk personality Bev Smith) as well as the other attendees.

Let’s compare this to the upcoming “Values Voters Summit” which will be hosted by the SPLC-identified hate group Family Research Council - headed by Tony Perkins - someone who uses mailing lists created by David Duke himself, and has spoken to white supremacist organizations on multiple times (Perkins has his own separate SPLC entry, by the way). This event will have just about EVERY major player in the Republican Party attending, including House Speaker John Boehner, thirteen current and former Senators and Representatives, fifteen current and former Governors, and a multitude of conservative radio/TV personalities.
Here’s the cached page of who all will be there this year:

Given the number of speakers at this event with Council of Conservative Citizens and League of the South memberships, do you really….REALLY want to make this comparison?