Flashback! 1/2014: PJ Media Encourages Readers to Sign Petition to Free Bergdahl "By Any Means Necessary"

Romantic Heretic6/03/2014 7:04:11 am PDT

re: #247 _RememberTonyC

My feeling is that declaring ‘war’ on these guys has given them a cachet they don’t deserve. It raises a small number of assholes to the status of nation states. It makes it sound like they are an existential threat to The West.

They’re not. They got lucky once and compared to actual acts of war like, say, The Blitz or the Air War on Germany the casualties were rather small.

Declaring ‘War on Terror’ has probably made things worse. Al Qaeda and its associates were probably pleased as punch that they were so important. So more money, more recruits and more impetus to do nasty things. They might have withered on the vine if they had been treated as the murderous criminals they are rather than a deadly danger to ‘Our Way of Life’.