New From Seth Meyers: Washington Reacts to the Mueller Report [VIDEO]

#thegreatpoolpondconversion (dangerman)4/19/2019 8:27:00 am PDT

re: #279 HappyWarrior

We can’t let them get away with it again.

or let it continue unchecked….

- if the house doesnt investigate thoroughly and seriously
- if they dont ever raise an impeachment resolution

then i cant imagine the freewheeling in your eye nature of a 2nd trump term or another R presidency in the future

forget what the senate might do. they are not an objective jury of peers. though maybe if enough crap comes out the vote could get up to 60. that’s almost trump’s national polling (40+/- )

the house is all we have, so it’s the tool to use
he got away with a lot of stuff because the house was R for the first two years

the message has to be clear: it’s all about the constitution, not you (ie him)