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Racer X8/10/2010 7:29:44 pm PDT

re: #285 jamesfirecat

I think that doubling down on the deficit is a fine idea during a recession.

At the very least I support government spending during a recession since I honestly believe it’s foolish to believe the free market will fix what it f***ed up on its own any time soon.

As for government bailout of private industry, I’d say if its a good idea or not depends on the industry.

Bailout the banks that f***ed us up… not such a good idea.

I agree with you on some points. If the banks effed us up then go ahead and let them fail. Why do we continue to give them Billions? Why did the Obama administration give BP over $300 Million? They did not need it.

And I think misguided legislation contributed to this mess, not just private greed.