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Conservatives canโ€™t have examples of successfully-run socialised industries or services, part eleventy billion:

Feds to investigate JEA privatization (Goes to the Jacksonville, Fla. Times-Union, more at the link).

The Jacksonville mayor and the CEO of Jacksonville Electric Authority embarked on a scheme to privatise the utility, though there were no calls by people in the city to do so. Moreover, JEA presented data which contradicted its own data to justify selling of the city-owned utility.

The state attorney general has turned over the investigation to the federal government.

JEA argues that there is no future in utilities (because everyone in Jacksonville is going to give up electricity I guess).

JEA is the largest publicly-owned utility in the USA. The plan was to sell it off to private investors or privately-owned utility companies.

Privatization of electric companies is what caused the California Energy Crisis about 20 years ago and led to Arnold Schwarzenegger getting elected Governor.