Obama Laughs It Up With Hugo Chavez

jcm4/17/2009 5:06:14 pm PDT

re: #268 curquhart

Uh, no. Reagan walked out on the talks and left Gorby stunned and shaking.
Reagan and Gorbachev met several times, so Obama meeting with Chavez once is not really something worth being offended by.

As I stated previously, there are real enemies of the US out there (China, Saudi Arabia, Russia) that we trade with and suck up to on a daily basis.
Chavez is not really someone worth worrying about.

Russian ships, Russian fighter planes, contacts and deals with Iran, and the Norks. On top of that Thugo has hijacked a nation, and Obama shakes hands and smiles at a Thug and Thief.

Venezuelan Opposition in Hiding, Behind Bars as Chavez Widens Crackdown