Robert Spencer and the Extremists

What, me worry?9/09/2009 1:51:55 pm PDT

re: #266 Daria Emmons

But while there are fewer rocket attacks, the attacks do continue. And Charles has NOT covered a Sderot rocket attack in a long time.

Moreover, the hate flowing from the imams, sheikhs, schools, United Nations, and political leaders - none of it has stopped/slowed. And it is very clear that Hizballah/Hamas are presently amassing a huge arsenal to eventually better attack Israel with.

Nothing really has ‘slowed,’ not in any real sense.

Well you have your story and seem quite stuck with it. I guess that’s ok.

I will reiterate that no one is saying anything stopped. No one said the attacks are not continuing.

With the election heating up from last year, domestic politics (economy, healthcare primarily) this blog and many like it, have taken a different turn. If you want more Israeli news, I guess you’ll have to go somewhere else.

Hamas has been “amassing a huge arsenal to attack Israel” for years and years. Thank you Egypt for not securing the corridor. Well, whatever. It ain’t gonna happen. Israel continues to put a dent in those plans.