Oath Keepers: Very Bad Craziness

suchislife10/18/2009 7:19:19 pm PDT

re: #291 Lidane

I’d say that only part of the right fell off the ledge. I’ve got plenty of conservative and/or Republican friends and relatives who shake their heads in amazement at the tea party crowd, the birthers, and the more virulent ODS-addled folks on the far right.

I totally agree, and this blog proves that perfectly. But, what if you don’t know any of these sensible conservatives personally? I guess what I meant was that there no longer seemed to be any evidence of that part of the party in the media, both traditional and new, or in the primaries. Did you see that poll I posted in the other threat, about half of Texas Republicans prefering secession? I would say that if half the party is off the ledge, including the leaders, then it’s fair to say that the whole thing falls.