Meet the Leaders of the Anti-Mosque Movement

WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.]8/10/2010 4:25:00 pm PDT

re: #263 captdiggs

I find it a bit disturbing that the SPLC used a hate site ( daily kos) for their information.

I find it a bit obvious that you leeean back on distractions from years past in a post about anti-Muslim crazies. And going after the SPLC in the process. Because you go after the strengths, right? You take an organization that does good work, and then you try and smear them.

This shit just happened on the Newt thread a few days ago, the pushback was making it about Clinton, because that’s how you guys work. That’s how you distract, that’s how you muddy the waters and throw up distractions and toss your cynicism around. That’s how you take real news on a blog, and try and make it into garbage in the comments. Like alchemy!