Michael Jackson Hospitalized - Update: LA Times Reports Jackson Has Died

Mich-again6/25/2009 4:02:46 pm PDT

I was a huge fan of the J-5 when I was a little kid. They put out some of the very best of all the Motown songs, with the amazing little kid Michael as a 12 year old front man with his four older brothers backing him up. (I can remember Tito and Germaine, forgot the others’ names.) I remember the pop music rivalry with the Osmonds and even their competing Saturday morning cartoon shows. You had to pick your favorite. There was no doubt for me. Michael J was cool. Donny? Not a chance.

Michael turned out to be a strange bird for sure, but he was an amazing talent and I still like listening to anything he did with the J-5 and even some of the music he made later on as the King of Pop. Its a shame he’s gone. He was far too young.

May he rest in peace, but may his music live on.