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Justanotherhuman5/20/2014 5:59:26 am PDT

re: #285 Dr Lizardo

BTW, that song is supposed to have first been done in 1977. I was too old by that time to have any interest in punk; I thought it was boring since I had young teenagers with whom I had to deal with, like middle-aged men preying on them (believe me, I heard those stories more than once). Both of them tended to look younger than they were and slight in build. There actually was a shoe repair shop owner a few blocks from us who liked to give “head” to very young teen boys “with their permission” (as he said) for which he’d “gift” them with a pair of boots, which most of those kids, who were fairly poor, couldn’t afford. He was arrested for soliciting sex from underaged boys when the cops had enough evidence. Several blocks along that same road got a reputation as “chicken hawk row”. There was no “consensual sex” involved—all of the victims were underaged (12-16) and this creep took advantage of them. It’s called Hebephilia and there’s been a lot of concern over whether it’s a mental disorder or a “genuine” sexual preference, although not as much, it seems, as over their pubescent victims.