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Jebediah, RBG2/07/2020 1:26:18 pm PST

re: #263 Teddy’s Person

A year!! That’s the kind of dog I thought got snapped right up. Cute. Fluffy. Forever Puppy.

We thought so, too, but apparently the rescue he was at was awash in puppies. Also, Otis can be more than a little bit oblivious, and was probably not rushing up to anybody or being demonstrative at all. We are pretty sure he loves a us a lot and he sure seems happy and content and secure etc but he has yet to smooch either of us. He has come out of his shell a lot, though - when it is practice time he gets all excited and goes goofy-bounding to the stairs, looks back to make sure I am coming, then goes bouncy-bouncy-bouncy up the stairs with his tail wagging. And at bedtime, if I get up (or even just sit up a bit) I am liable to find him sprawled on my pillow. He seems to like to fall asleep with some physical contact - later in the night he will move away a bit or even off the bed.