Overnight Open Thread

Scottish Dragon2/18/2010 7:39:24 am PST

re: #235 Jadespring

I’m the similar. I’ve worked in a union job when out of the blue management started to try to pull some really hinky stuff that really started screwing people. If it had been like other jobs I had before there wasn’t much you could do about it. Having a union to help sort the mess out was invaluable.

In another job I was management and had the pleasure of being part of the negotiating team when a union contract was up for renewal. Pissed me right off with some of what happened and even moreso because I generally okay with unions. What the heck are you guys doing here, it was ridiculous!

In another job employee relations and benefits with a multi-million dollar company were great. It was an awesome place to work. One year some union organizers showed up and everyone just basically told them to screw off. It just wasn’t necessary with the way the company was ran.

In another one, again a multi-million dollar company the company culture was absolutely disgusting and there was a lot of base exploitation that happened. If there was any job that I felt spoke to why unions weren’t the suck that was it.

So yeah. Mixed bag here

I have seen some aerospace employers that were fine, and I have seen some serious shenanigans where time cards were being altered and workers were being asked to accept pay cuts while management was handing out 500,000 dollar bonuses to themselves and raiding compensation funds (people left in handcuffs escorted by the FBI over that one in Greensboro, I understand). If a union had tried to open shop, I would have signed on. We were preparing for a one day walk out as it was before the management started taking us seriously.