People Magazine Writer Comes Forward to Describe Sexual Assault by Donald Trump

lawhawk10/13/2016 6:08:14 am PDT

re: #295 darthstar

Threatening lawsuits? Did rage furby get a job as Trump’s legal advisor?

This is Trump’s wheelhouse. Threaten lawsuits and hope the opponent bails b/c of the costs associated. What Trump fails to realize is that as a plaintiff, he’s got the burden of proof to show these claims are false. That means depositions.

Lots and lots of depositions. Digging into Trump’s background. Record searches.

You know, the kind of thing that sane presidential candidate wouldn’t want. Or anyone for that matter. Trump isn’t normal though. His method of dealing with adversity is doubling down. Make threats, and figure that will force the other side to back down.

It isn’t working in politics the way it has in business.