Jury Acquits Texas Man for Murder of Escort Who Refused Sex

EiMitch6/06/2013 3:40:52 pm PDT
Under Texas law, an individual is authorized to use deadly force to “retrieve stolen property at night,”

F***ing Texas! Un-f***ing-believable!

And just “at night”? When its harder to get a witness to corroborate your story? When the cops/jury have to take your word for it? If broad daylight makes everything clear, then no you can’t shoot? But when everything is murky in the dark of night, fire away?

This law fails both basic logic and morality. But what else can one expect in a state where “pro-life” means wildly cheering in favor of capital punishment?

F*** Texas! And especially f*** that jury for reasons I can’t elaborate on without foaming at the mouth!

Btw, I’m a bit mad about this in case you couldn’t tell.