D.C. Council Tells Walmart to Take a Hike

The Pie Overlord!7/11/2013 7:14:16 am PDT

re: #2 EiMitch

I’m not so sure about this.

Hold on, I ain’t defending Wal-Fart. Relax.

I just question the wisdom of wage laws specifically targeting big box retailers. This could potentially be challenged in court. I’d much rather this gets fixed by a law with no appearance of “unfairness” for corporate PR lawyers to use against it.

Besides, the dollar has inflated to the point that everyone needs their wages bumped up into the double-digits, not just Wal-Fart employees.

The answer is to simply raise the minimum wage. By alot.

Targeting the big-boxes forestalls the usual complain that minimum wage laws unfairly burden “Mom & Pop” small business. Walmart, Target, etc. are clearly not little “Mom & Pops” and can totally afford to pay their workers more, they just don’t want to because their business model is based on a disposable bottom layer.