Ezra Klein: Republicans on 'Kamikaze Mission' Against Obamacare

KiTA8/06/2013 8:14:22 am PDT

It’s not a “divine wind” mission, it’s an act of desperation.

If — when — Obamacare is successful, it will invalidate decades of Wingnut talking points. All that crap about how government can’t do anything right, how everything Democrats do is socialism, what have you. It’s dead in the water.

You can’t argue with results. Obamacare will work, and no amount of GOP spin will be able to take them back to an era where their stupid “government so small it can be drowned in a bathtub” crap will resonate with a majority.

That’s why they have to try and make sure it doesn’t work, by defunding and sabotage. Their political careers depend on it.