Gerry Adams Arrested

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)5/01/2014 6:22:05 am PDT

re: #2 palmerskiss

I think Celtic dragon’s point was that if it wasn’t Gerry Adams, it would have probably been someone else just like him. The conditions created in Ireland by the actions of Britain over the years are a large part of the reason why there was violent, terroristic resistance to them. It wasn’t just a bunch of Irish dudes with ‘fuck the man’ attitudes.

In a way, you chose your word well. He’s a bogey-man, but he wasn’t some lone assassin, working in the darkness, he was part of groups that were supported by even larger groups, because there was a real, actual grievance at work, due to centuries of mistreatment of Ireland and political domination of Ireland by Britain.

Gerry Adams also participated in the peace process, first by calling for several ceasefires, then by entering the negotiations and accepting compromise, and then by ordering the IRA to lay down arms. He also condemned bombings carried out by splinter groups from the IRA.

So when telling his history, don’t let your hatred for him leave out that part. He was an evil man who did evil things, but he also stepped back and negotiated peace and compromise and pledged his organization to a peaceful path.