Police/SWAT Militarization-Powerful Facts & Opinion From The ACLU

1Peter G18/14/2014 12:39:30 pm PDT

re: #2 Rightwingconspirator
I am glad to find you reasonable.
Militarization is mostly just a made up word to describe something that doesn’t really have much meaning. The police wear helmets and body armor? No shit. Guess what? They have those things now. Does fairness require them to be easily killed. Check out the story about Doug-e-stan. You live in a country where mental illness does not bar you from owning semi-automatic weapons. Perhaps you would like to review the video of the Cliven ranch party where the BLM officers were having perfectly lethal weapons pointed at them while performing their duties. Any of those clowns get arrested yet?

While generally sympathetic to the point of view of the ACLU my suggestion that they take over door knocking duties on drug raids and such while letting the police stand back behind them was not very well received. For some reason people who deal in drugs on a cash basis seem to have a lot of guns. I guess fairness requires they have a chance to shoot first.