The College Rape Overcorrection

Charmingly Persistent12/10/2014 12:31:16 pm PST

re: #2 Islamo-Masonic Vourdalak

According to the article, the allegation stays on the record after the accused is expelled and no other university or college takes him. That is not even considering whether the “judging” - on whatever standard - has been done properly. In Yoffe’s examples the officials seem to have ignored any exculpating evidence whatsoever.

The case I am familiar with the only thing that happened was the guy had to take time off from school (a semester, I think) while the woman graduated, and then he went back. He went on to law school, so obviously his future wasn’t too blighted. His parents did hire a good lawyer though.

Anyway, I am not saying that some of the procedures couldn’t be better - I know they could. I am saying I am in favor of the preponderance of the evidence standard. It is almost impossible to prove acquaintance rape allegations beyond a reasonable doubt - that is why they are practically never prosecuted.