Seth Meyers: Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends With More Damning Evidence

Belafon11/22/2019 11:24:36 am PST

I Marine Corps veteran confronted Graham about his oaths, and Graham ran away. I can’t embed the video at work, but it’s located here:

VETERAN: I see how you are berated in the press and I honestly believe that you believe in our democracy as I do.


VETERAN: I came to D.C. because I’m a Marine, I went to Iraq, and I believe, as I believe you do, that President Trump is not acting in accordance to his oath. The oath you took and I did, to defend the Constitution. You took an oath.

GRAHAM: Yeah, I did. I don’t agree with you. And I gotta go.

VETERAN: Is that it?

GRAHAM: Yep. That’s it.