Peretz: Muslims Are Indifferent to Human Life and Therefore Unworthy of First Amendment Protection

3 12:10:55 pm PDT

Just as the Vatican’s incredibly tepid response to the problems of priestly pedophilia is a mystery to many folks, so was (at the time) what seemed to be lack of US Muslim outrage at the 9/11 attacks.

Looking back now, given the distance of time, I suspect many US Muslims were as confused and horrified by these attacks as any of us were, and I suspect many simply could not relate to the attackers as fellow Muslims. Just as Catholics today go about expressing their pedophilia outrage toward each other and at local church officials (rather than publicly in the media), I would imagine US Muslims did something similar after 9/11.

So, Martin Peretz, it’s time to give up that tired meme. Apart from the lone wolf or small group of young Muslim men angry with America, I’ve seen no evidence over the past several years of any anti-American or pro-terrorism sentiment coming from the US Islamic community. Doesn’t that “count” for something?