Ethical Oil FAIL: so slimy it gets mixed with Saudi crude anyway

Buck11/30/2011 11:22:00 am PST

Americans4OPEC statement (emphasis added by me), which is available on their website:

“For more than 40 years, we Americans have powered our businesses, fueled our cars, and made our lives more comfortable with the help of OPEC oil.

We think that special relationship is worth protecting.

That’s why we’ve started a new group to do just that: Americans4OPEC. Currently, the Obama Administration is on the verge of approving a pipeline that could deliver nearly a million barrels of Canada’s “oil sands” oil to American markets every single day, reducing US dependence on our OPEC friends. Every barrel of oil we buy from Canada undermines our support for our traditional OPEC allies by displacing OPEC imports. We appreciate, and are grateful for the fact that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates have kept America supplied with oil, reasonably consistently, for decades. We have come to depend on our OPEC friends and they have come to depend on us. The pipeline from Canada will even displace new sources of OPEC oil, like Venezuela’s heavy crude. That’s no way to treat a friend.