FACT CHECK: More US drilling didn't drop gas price

Varek Raith3/21/2012 9:29:07 am PDT

re: #2 Buck

Can we agree that Buck is changing the subject?

Can we agree that more domestic drilling would bring more domestic jobs?

Domestic drilling is higher under Obama than under Bush.

Can we agree that many of those jobs would be high paying jobs?

Most of the jobs would be temp construction jobs.

Can we agree that using domestic energy sources would be better for the economy than the trade deficits of imported energy?

Wouldn’t matter, actually. See, we have tiny reserves compared to our usage rate.

Can we agree that domestic energy resource jobs cannot be “sent overseas” easily, like so many factory jobs are?

Edit - Totally misread that. Depends. The big oil companies are multinationals. So… Beats me.

Can we agree that it is the better choice to use and pay for energy from North American sources rather than from dictatorships that harm women, gays, Jews and Christians?

Irrelevant. Oil is fungible.