Obama Campaign Opens Can of Worms With Ohio Early Voting Lawsuit

b_sharp8/08/2012 8:41:53 am PDT

I think the problem is in the wording in the original complaint that might set a precedent where the military could have their special status attacked. The complaint by the Obama Campaign is doing something the military should not be responding negatively to, so that is the only point I can see where they may have a reason to be upset.

Section 48 starts it and it’s continued through section 51.
I’ve bolded what I think is the problem for the military, although when seen in context, their beef doesn’t make much sense.

The passage of HB 224 and SB 295 created different in-person early voting deadlines for two groups of voters: UOCAVA voters may vote early up to the close of polls on Election Day, but non-UOCAVA voters may only vote early up to 6 p.m.on the Friday before Election Day. This disparate treatment of UOCAVA and non-UOCAVA voters is arbitrary: The Ohio General Assembly has not and cannot articulate any legitimate justification for the different deadlines. Both groups of voters are similarly situated: they are qualified electors physically present in their home county who must appear in person at the offices of the board of election in order to vote early.