Self-Described Anarchists in Ohio Terror Plot Plead Guilty

Destro9/08/2012 11:50:32 am PDT

re: #2 Locker

The Case of the Cleveland 5: The FBI, Entrapment & the construction of Terrorists

The Cleveland 4 are four Occupy Cleveland activists, Brandon, Connor, Doug and Joshua. They were arrested on May first, accused of plotting a series of bombings, including an area bridge. However, the real story is that the FBI, working with an informant, created the scheme and coerced these four into participating, along with a fifth man, Tony, who took a plea deal in July. On September 5th, Connor, Doug and Brandon pled guilty to all charges, but not to the government’s terrorism enhancement. Their sentencing hearing will occur on November 5th and 6th. They continue to fight against the government’s attempt to brand them as terrorists, and to expose the techniques of entrapment employed by the FBI and their informant. Please help them in their struggle.