In the age of Youtube and Google it is scary Romney seems not to be punished for holding views that flip flop day to day

Yeah Sure WhatEVs10/23/2012 10:50:31 pm PDT

re: #2 Destro

I can’t say whether or not I’m against his policies because he has no consistent policy positions. What positions has he not given two 180 degree versions of?

The press is nothing but a corporate entity with the only goal being viewership. That makes me want to cry. Fox is nothing but propaganda with its stars stumping for GOP candidates.

What scares me about Romney is 1) the advisors surrounding him, 2) his mailable positions, 3) his lack of interest in anything but winning, 4) that he’d turn actual governing to the snot-nosed, Ayn Randian Ryan, and 5) both of them are ignorant, loud-mouthed, belligerent, and close to par with Asarah Palin, a laughing stock to anyone possessing two functioning brain cells. They’re going to turn the world against us, and start god knows how many wars which will be funded by killing SocSec and Medicare, both of which have been explicitly stated.

They’re lying to seniors who are buying it. And I guess the flaming lib in me wants to protect them even if they don’t want to protect themselves. The selfishness in me wants to protect the programs ice paid into all my life as I’m getting closer to that age.

Americans deserve better.