Why Israel had many fewer civilian casualties than Gaza

kristina3711/27/2012 3:42:00 pm PST

re: #1 EiMitch

Israel also has their “iron dome” defense system. That also saved lives. Of course, I realize the Palestinians can’t afford an equivalent system.

Hamas unable to get rockets? Surely you jest!

Hamas has lots of rockets. So Hamas’ ability to get rockets is not the problem. Rather, its the type of rocket each side chooses to get that’s different. Israel’s Iron Dome rockets are strictly for defense— to prevent civilian casualties. OTOH, the rockets Hamas chooses are strictly for offense— to cause civilian casualties. And that’s the difference.

On the other hand, simple bomb shelters (as opposed to the kind intended to “survive” a nuclear apocalypse) shouldn’t be an unreasonable addition to the “to-do” list of any group of people in frequent conflict. A simple cellar made of thick, reinforced concrete should suffice.

I believe you are making an assumption here. A false assumption: namely, that, like Israel, Hamas wants to avoid casualties amongst their own civilians. But in fact, the opposite is true— Hamas’ barbaric goal is to cause civilian casualties in Gaza.

In fact, its so simple that I hesitate to believe the claim that Palestinians don’t have plenty of these. How about an official survey on the matter? That would be something.

Would you trust anything from Hamas? (How much do you know about the group?)

But its probably a moot point—- I doubt if such a survey exists.

However, I googled for info on bomb shelters for both Israel and Gaza. Israel has lots of shelters (as well as safe rooms in apt bldgs) for their civilians, Hamas does not. (Now it is possible I may have missed something. So if you are interested and have some time, I recommend you do the same. Perhaps you can find some information about shelters H. has built for Gaza ‘s people. I strongly doubt that they did, but its possible I am wrong).