Chicago Anti-Gun Pol's Arrest Shows True Gun Control Hypocrisy, Says Ccrkba

CuriousLurker12/06/2012 1:56:23 pm PST

re: #1 researchok

Daniel, that article is about as screechy & inflammatory as they get. I’m not going to down-ding it, but…ugh. I thought you didn’t like that kind of tone.

The WaPo article says the gun was found 4.5 hours after Trotter got off work as a security guard and he was licensed to carry it. He said he forgot it was in his bag—that’s a stupid, careless oversight that’s going to cost him in more ways than one and which (I would think) could potentially even lose him his right to carry, but it’s nonetheless a completely believable one.

I”m not familiar with Illinois laws & politics, but your article says Trotter opposed a ban on assault weapons. There’s a huge difference between assault weapons being bought by Joe Citizen and a carry license that’s specifically for a security guard during working hours. Gottlieb’s extrapolation that this single instance is “revealing look at the hypocrisy of anti-gunners” is as absurd as it is dishonest.