Why women are less free 10 years after the invasion of Iraq

Destro3/21/2013 10:04:54 pm PDT

re: #2 Aligarr

The great irony here is that women were in better shape under Sadda’s regime . Except of course those unfortunates who were raped by his sons .

A) At this point I take all stories about Saddam and his sons to be mostly American propaganda bullshit - like the stories of Iraqis killing Kuwaiti premature babies.

B) The world, and women, would have been better off if Iraq was allowed to keep Kuwait and even if he invaded Saudi Arabia (in fact Saddam thought too small - he should have invaded Saudi Arabia first and the USA may not have had a base to invade and kick him out) because a secular Iraqi overlordship would have freed women from Saudi Wahhabism and Saddam would be selling Saudi oil cheap to pay his debts (at least at first).

Syria, an enemy of Saddam would warm up to American help because Iran would not be able to help them against a super strong Saudi controlling Iraq. Jordan and Israel would become closer? American troops in Jordan? Turkey?

What if scenarios galore….