Video: Ten Years Ago: Phil Donahue Fired from MSNBC for Antiwar Stance

Rightwingconspirator3/22/2013 10:28:15 am PDT

re: #2 Local Media Monitor

Internal MSNBC memos show he was fired due to his antiwar stance. End of story.

Please, no lessons in consistency from a “right wing conspirator” turned “political atheist”.

What do you think would have happened if his anti war position helped his ratings? Upped his share? Not fired right? The real causation here is the ratings not the politics. That’s how broadcast media works. Just FYI, RWC was tongue in cheek. P.A. is how I describe my disdain for the republican and democratic parties. Being right is not how you keep your major media job. It sucks but that is what it is.

Do you disagree with my assessment of Democracy Now?