Kansas Senate Passes Anti-Abortion Bill Defining Life as Beginning at Fertilization -

ausador4/03/2013 4:49:40 pm PDT

If life is defined as beginning at fertilization then isn’t using any birth control method that prevents an egg from implanting in the uterus murder?

The majority of Americans are hopefully going to wake up sometime soon and realize that the GOP isn’t simply tilting at windmills when it comes to their battle against reproductive rights. Too many people still dismiss them out of hand with a “yeah right, like that is ever going to happen” when you discuss how the GOP is determined to eventually take away all choices a woman has about pregnancy, not just about abortion.

Sadly it looks as though it is going to require a rather shocking over-reach by the GOP that directly affects large numbers of women to get more people involved. They may finally be on the right (wrong) track to awaken widespread political outrage with all these proposed personhood amendments being pushed now. When they take the mask off and start directly dealing with contraception issues I suspect and hope that the vast majority of the populace is going to angrily reject their biblically based ideals.
(Note: Excluding of course the White Supremacists, “Moar White Babies!”) :p

I can only hope I’m right, nothing else seems to be able to cause the GOP to back away from their current fondness for theocratic style lawmaking. Right now a significant portion of their base eats this stuff up and far too few outside of it seem to care enough to get personally involved. The GOP is going to keep driving this boat full steam ahead unless and until enough of us can get together to push an iceberg into their path.