LIVE: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Ambassador Gordon Sondland Testimony

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)11/20/2019 6:28:12 am PST

re: #29 lawhawk

The GOP will go down with the Trumptanic. No one seems to care to do anything differently. They’re that corrupt and complicit/compromised.

I’ve been using that language since before day one, and this is laying it all bare for all to see.

The GOP has abandoned the rule of law and their oaths of office to enable Trump and his corrupt practices including soliciting help from foreign powers to win elections.

It was also a Republican that paid for the Steele Dossier. Before he became their base’s sweetheart, a lot of the Republicans especially Lindsay Graham were critical of Trump too. Their support of Trump is fake as hell.