Dan Riehl: Murdered Census Worker Had Teh Ghey

Cato the Elder10/03/2009 7:35:49 pm PDT

Over at Stacy’s blog there’s a whine from his cousin.

‘Being called racist is the new black.’

So said my cousin Brian Buchanan in a Facebook message last week. Brian still lives down home near Atlanta and, last time I heard, was working as a bar bouncer.

So, let’s parse this:

Being called racist is the new black. I’m assuming Brian the Bouncer thinks that’s a bad thing.

So anyway, racist = new black.

Therefore, there was an old black.

What was the old black? Why, being black.

Not being called black, but being that way. Something you can’t change any more than you can change, umm, your skin.

So back in the day, it was a bad thing to be black. Presumably you could prove it wasn’t true if you were merely called black, but if you were, that was bad.

Why was it bad? Because of racists.

So today, Brian implies, it’s no longer bad to be black. (Though I may be putting words in his mouth to say that - who knows? Maybe he misses the good old days.)

What’s bad is being called a racist.

Why is that bad?

Because we as a society, at least on the surface, at least for show, at least as far as the law is concerned, have decided that racism is bad.

So being a racist is definitely bad.

Now, if someone calls you a racist, just for fun, that’s definitely bad for you, and no fun.

But if he can prove it with racist things you’ve said in public, then you have a problem. It begins to stick to you, sort of like, umm, a skin.

Therefore, being a racist or being called a racist for good cause is bad for you.

And it damn well should be.

Bounce that, Brian.