White Supremacist Kingpin David Duke Suspended From Twitter, Then Unsuspended

Blind Frog Belly White3/06/2017 3:30:39 pm PST

re: #288 Anymouse

Yup. And bouncing around the Web I see a number of conservatives claiming travel is privileged, not a right, in response to this.


I got into a discussion with some wingnuts over this a while back, specifically when I told them that while driving a car on public roads is a privilege, riding a bicycle is a right - there is no provision of the law that takes away that right, no matter how many times you get stopped for riding drunk, that doesn’t also take away your liberty.

Mostly I said it to piss them off*, but it does reflect the right to travel. Then one of them said if it’s not in the Constitution, it’s not a right. I pointed out that it’s a corollary of your other, enumerated rights. But beyond that, the idea that if it isn’t in the Constitution it’s not a right flies in the face of the 9th Amendment.

*Ain’t I a stinker?