A Powerful Song by Grace Potter: "Release"

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I’ll say this til I’m blue in the face.

Blue Lives Matter is not, and has never been, about backing law enforcement and supporting cops.

It was always about denying black lives mattering. The BLM movement showed how corrupt and compromised law enforcement and that it is institutionally biased to treat blacks as less than human. They could kill blacks with immunity and impunity.

So, blue lives matter came into existence, complete with a defaced US flag. It quickly replaced the Confederate flag - and that’s exactly how we should be treating it. It’s the more acceptable Confederate flag, but what it represents is still just as odious. It represents and stands for fact that black lives do not matter and don’t get the protection under the law everyone else gets.

We saw that play out in the insurrection. From the way whites were able to storm the Capitol to being able to flow right through lines of law enforcement after doing so despite crimes committed, felonies engaged in, and a cop who would later die of his injuries and 60+ others injured in the melee.

Had that been a crowd of blacks, shots would have been fired before they got to the barriers. Tear gas would have been fired. National Guard and maximum response would have been present even before the march began to thwart marching on the Capitol. All of those measures weren’t in place because Trump and his collaborators deemed it to be.