Oath Keepers: Very Bad Craziness

Lidane10/18/2009 10:29:31 pm PDT

re: #294 suchislife

I totally agree, and this blog proves that perfectly. But, what if you don’t know any of these sensible conservatives personally? I guess what I meant was that there no longer seemed to be any evidence of that part of the party in the media, both traditional and new, or in the primaries.

That’s because the part of the right that fell over the ledge are the folks that are in the media and who make up the party base that is most active in the primaries. They’re the ones setting the tone for the discussion, and most of the politicians on the right are either in agreement or are too scared to alienate these people out of fear for their jobs.

There are sensible conservatives out there. Sadly, they’re drowned out by the birthers, the Oath Keeper types, and the loonies. It’s what happens when you allow the hard liners in a party to take control of the mechanisms of power. The inmates end up running the asylum and squeezing out anyone who might still be somewhat sane.

Did you see that poll I posted in the other threat, about half of Texas Republicans prefering secession? I would say that if half the party is off the ledge, including the leaders, then it’s fair to say that the whole thing falls.

Being a Texan myself, I’d say that a good part of that support for secession is due to a serious lack of Texas history knowledge. There are people in this state who still believe the canard that Texas can legally secede at any time because it was independent before being annexed by the U.S. It’s not true, but folks still believe it, and it drives the mistaken idea that we can take our ball and leave whenever we want. It didn’t help matters when our idiot governor got up in front of the tea party types and started yammering about seceding. I wanted to slap people with a Texas history book when they started agreeing with him. It was annoying.