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mmmirele6/24/2019 7:35:49 am PDT

So I did go back to Apologia church/cult for a second round of protesting. I was out there for just shy of two hours, until 7 pm.

Let me clear. I am not a nice person. I am not inclined to cut slack to a group that teaches their children thst women should be executed for getting abortions. I am also not going cut any slack to dishonest men who go over to the Planned Parenthood in Tempe to harass women getting abortions, but who fail to tell these women that they (the guys of Apologia) think they (the women) should be executed if they go through with their abortions.

But DAMN they are a cult. One guy tried to block my sign with his body; I told he needed balloons like Scientology tried to use when I protested them. At another point, he and a woman started chanting the same thing over and over again, in unison and I laughed at them.

Speaking of the woman, she’s one of those women who had an abortion and now feels guilty about it. Well, if you go to a church where the leaders believe women should be executed for getting abortions, yeah, the guilt will be there. I will confess I was a bad feminist because I called her a bitch twice.

I also threatened to slug a guy for saying women should keep our legs closed but when he stepped out, I stepped away and put my hands behind my back.

They were incredibly frustrated with me because I generally refused to engage. Instead, I would shout, over and over again, variations on, “You go to a cult which teaches children that women who get abortions should be executed. You should be ashamed! You should be mortified!” The irony is they have a “ministry” called “Cultish” where they interview people who have been converted to their vile form of Calvinism. Sorry, going from the JWs to radical Calvinism is like jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

The only bad thing was that I probably was out there too long because I was hot afterwards and my blood sugar was through the roof at 210. (It was 111 this morning.) But I have a better idea of how long they meet so I can time it, and I can always sit in my SUV, covered with signs, to wait for them to come out.

What the guys of Apologia cult are going to learn is that I’m tenacious.