Onion: Financial Expert Offers Obsessive Recession Tips

_RememberTonyC10/16/2009 6:28:46 pm PDT

re: #285 HoosierHoops

Mostly I agree.. but Ron is a wonderful Father…A family guy that never ended up in gunfire at a local strip club in Indiana.
Crazy dude in the head…And on the court..Good luck because with his speed and length and crazy man defense..There are few men in the world that beat him on the court..He can be a monster…Remember when The Pacers lost a game 6 years ago and he punched out every camera on the way to the locker room? Dude is intense..He is crazy…But not insane..
He is a well spoken young man that loves his family..But freaking nuts..
How do you describe him?
/I’m picking him on the playground…He has that crazy look in his eyes..I ain’t messing with him..*wink*

I never said he was a bad guy, but he is legitimately ill in the head. But on the court, he is a premier talent at both ends of the court. His biggest contribution will be guarding the other team’s best perimeter player so Kobe won’t have to. And that means Kobe is gonna be fresher at the offensive end … VERY bad news for all LA opponents.