Robert Spencer and the Extremists

What, me worry?9/09/2009 1:55:50 pm PDT

re: #275 Occasional Reader

Because if I, a Congressional Rep, have a career-long record of opposing every upgrade to the military’s equipment and weaponry, every real increase in defense spending, etc… but then suddenly, one day, announce that the evil Bush regime hasn’t given our boys enough body armor… and then promptly go back to ensuring that their weaponry stays mired in the last century… it kind of looks like I’m being opportunistic, doesn’t it?

(And by the way, the idea that “more body armor” is always a good thing was not exactly a slam-dunk. The articles on the issue at the time - and I do give WaPo, for one, credit for this - quoted some combat soldiers as being against it, on the grounds that more armor would slow them down.)

I don’t believe my elected representatives. my DEMOCRATIC elected representatives are snakes in the grass, cunning and manipulatiive. You have this view of the Dem party, but that’s ok. It’s my view of the Republican party. So that makes us even I guess.

Of course, if you did find that ONE honest Democrat (I’m sure there’s one in there O.R.) that would vote for body armor, it’s really not what the troops want anyway so he still loses, is that right?