Trevor Noah: Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Continue to Rise

Ace Rothstein2/17/2021 10:14:27 am PST

I have done enough work in Purgatory for the sins of my right-wing past, but it’s important to share your experiences as inspiration to others to not go down the same road as you. I listened to that bastard every day from 1992 to probably 2002. It polluted my mind with nothing but sound bites about how bad the liberals were. There was not one second dedicated to actual policy. Ever. He had his moments where I did laugh out loud, I admit it. His Sen. Bob Torricelli updates with the Sopranos theme playing in the background was pretty damn funny. I’ll give him that. After Obama got elected, it was full metal straight to the depths of hell. In 2006, with the Iraq War/Afghanistan in total disarray, I started waking up. In 2010, my transformation was complete. I would tune in occasionally to spy, and he clearly had lost his fastball. He would leave hangers over the plate all the time; stuff that a quick Google search would prove to be flat out wrong. He was boring. Repetitive. Redundant. Now, he’s just another dead fat fuck.