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Birth Control Works7/17/2011 8:30:03 pm PDT

re: #302 lostlakehiker

From my own experience, I’d say that the medical profession is too much inclined to offer more than enough rather than a bit less than enough in the way of pain control medications.

If I hadn’t long since got a stubborn streak and a determination not to be controlled, I might have taken all the stuff given me, figuring they know best. Instead, I figured that stuff is more dangerous than the relief it gave was worth, and put it aside. Pain is overrated, especially when it will eventually pass on its own.

My determining factor is sleep. If I can’t sleep, I can’t heal.

Luckily I have family who watches over me. If I lived alone, I’d have to hire a caregiver while I was recovering from surgery. I don’t trust myself too much.