John Oliver With Another Must-See Segment: Green New Deal [VIDEO]

Blind Frog Belly White5/13/2019 5:20:14 pm PDT

re: #304 Hecuba’s daughter

But given the free hand he’s accorded the military with their drone strikes, he may think that a similar attack against Iran would not lead to any American casualties. Who knows what MBS and Bibi are whispering to him.

The one thing Trump is, beyond all else, is chickenshit. I think he’s deathly afraid of committing troops anywhere where they might get killed and being blamed for it. I think this largely explains his effusive love for KJU after he stopped testing nukes and missiles, because he was afraid he’d have to back up his swagger with actual lives.

To be clear, he doesn’t care about the lives - everyone else is just NPCs to him. What he cares about is things going badly and ending up with even his base hating him. Look at Bush by 2006 - what, 25% support? That would KILL Trump