So Good: Bon Iver's Full Concert at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works

ObserverArt12/31/2016 11:31:04 am PST

re: #271 HappyWarrior

“This generation does nothing but complain.” Well let’s see. You had a more higher adjusted for inflation minimum wage. College was more affordable for your generation. You grew up in a relatively prosperous time. Oh and you didn’t get dangled around by the balls being told you needed more experience but were only offered an entrance job with little job security. And if I hear another old bastard complain about the participation trophies again, I’m going to scream, you gave them to us. I didn’t ask for a trophy for playing baseball and basketball. I liked playing baseball and basketball. Getting a trophy at the end of season pizza party was nice but I didn’t need it.

Happy, I certainly understand your point…but the guy in the video was not “an old bastard” was he? He seemed to be more in line with the age bracket he was talking about.

As we somewhat covered yesterday on the same topic of generations, bitching about your lot in life is as old as man, part of what I always consider the human condition.

It is just flat out easier to blame others and other things than to dig in and find out what make you the individual tick.

Sure, there may be more or less stimulus to mess with goals or take away from goals, but there is always a source of problems that every generation can blame.

Just like there is always something that each and every generation can use to claim they are the best.

Welcome to planet earth and how life really is. Try to understand that and then go on. Strip it down to the very core…life sucks…but here you are. The key is what do you do after you realize life does in fact suck.

You, the individual makes it better for you and others. No one else and nothing else can be counted on to make it better for you or others.