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Belafon6/24/2019 8:00:36 am PDT

There was a far right music festival in Ostritz, Germany this weekend. In order to discourage the Neo-Nazis, the town made all the beer disappear (

“Beer and marching songs may have fuelled Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, but neo-Nazis faced an alcohol ban at a German rock festival at the weekend.

The ban was a new tool in the fight against neo-Nazi influence. Some 2,000 locals in the eastern town of Ostritz also rallied against the far right.

Police seized 4,200 litres (924 UK gallons) of beer in Ostritz on Friday, then 200 litres more on Saturday.

Locals also bought more than 200 crates of beer in the town’s supermarkets….

….An Ostritz society activist, Georg Salditt, told Germany’s popular Bild daily: “The plan was devised a week in advance. We wanted to dry the Nazis out. We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we’ll empty the shelves at the Penny [supermarket].”