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re: #290 jaunte

How are you defining ‘mandate?’

Well, and the thing is … it doesn’t matter.
Any President is going to have to decide to do A instead of B.
Half the people will be upset, regardless of what that decision is.
But he’s gotta do it, anyhow, otherwise - nothing gets done, and we sit and stew in a morass of indecision, which is worse, by far, imo, than doing something that is less than perfect.

In my opinion, there are some things that we’d be better off if the decision made were to be the decision to leave things alone or do them differently than what’s currently proposed (healthcare). Not everyone agrees with that but in the end, a decision will be made (do nothing, do what’s proposed, do something else), and as a nation, we will move forward. It’s how it is, regardless of whether the President has a “mandate” or not.