Trevor Noah: Trump Denies the Science of Climate Change as Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Venus

piratedan9/15/2020 9:35:39 pm PDT

re: #20 Interesting Times

not many people are talking about it because the MSM is so invested in creating and maintaining a horse race narrative because it drives clicks. I think that in my family circle and work circle and my friends circle… all the Trump people are more or less silent, working on the fringes of Blue Lives Matter and attempts of whataboutism….

For a guy who has been in charge the last 3.5 years, you’d think that they’d be touting his accomplishments but when those strawmen are easily disposed of, all they have is the fact that as strongly as they’ve been driven to hate us they’re now getting equal hate in return. They’ve embraced that racism and that sense of righteousness and acceptance has been fleeting as the whirlwind that they have reaped has been like the bombing of Pearl Harbor… Progressives and Centrists and even a few mild mannered Conservatives are pissed off and excuse me, that is PISSED OFF, and are ready to crawl over broken glass with an equivalent passion to end this bullshit.

They said that they wanted someone who “would shake things up”, what they didn’t realize is that by getting shook up it meant that they would financially assaulted and turned upside-down and robbed of their pocket change and they should just be happy because they hated all of the same people. All for the benefit of some casual cruelty and the rich people getting richer and them being fed a steady diet of lies.

I think we’re going to kick his ass and I think we’re going to kick his ass BIGLY, I think we’re going to take Florida, Iowa, Texas, Ohio and Alaska and come damn close in Kansas. We’re going to take 6+ seats in the Senate and we’re gonna send another 20+ GOP Congressmen home.

Then we’re going to prosecute the ever lovin shit out of all of these criminals as we uncover in depth and detail all of the hateful cruel shit that they did in the name of our country. When we get that shit done, I would be happy to turn over the international cabal that has been doing shit internationally and let The Hague have them and do more for international relationships at that point by showing that the best way to make amends is to simply come clean and let our criminals get their day in yet another court of law.