Radical Saudi Royalty funding Ground Zero MegaMosque

captdiggs8/20/2010 7:00:19 pm PDT

re: #16 JasonA

Neither did anyone building this Community Center.

Dumb ass.

You know what’s “dumb”—-pretending that Islam had nothing to do with 9/11.

I find it amusing that none of you has seen the problem with supporting Rauf collecting funds from the saudi prince who supports terror…while hyperventilating your outrage at Murdoch.
That’s why this entire controversy has now become such a partisan circus.
The left must, absolutely must, regardless of anything, support this project, because the right objects to it.
But to buttress that support, you have to blindly swallow all the partisan rhetoric and demonize all who see differently.

It seems to me that Rauf’s professed goal of “building bridges” is dead on arrival.