FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

cliffster3/24/2010 2:04:38 pm PDT

re: #282 darthstar

Well, in day 2 of the GOP’s “We’re not doing anything” response to losing on health-care, they’ve managed to shut down:
1. Appropriations subcommitttee on Defense :FY 2011 Guard and Reserve Budget
2. Commerce committtee meeting to improve cybersecurity
3. DHS meeting to nominate Maj. Gen. Robert A Harding as Sec. of Homeland Security
4. Armed Services committee’s hearing sto examine Pacific Command, Strategic Command, and Defense Authorization Request for FY 2011 and Future years Defense program
5. Homeland Security’s meeting on Contracts for Afghan National Police Training

So I guess you could say they’re for “Country First”…just so long as it isn’t this country.

Well, the democrats made clear they were willing to do whatever it takes, procedure be damned, to pass their HCR. Why? Because they think their HCR is what’s best for the country. Now, republicans are doing whatever it takes to put HCR on track for repeal/complete-overhaul. Why? Because they think that HCR is horrible and repealing it or chopping it up is what’s best. If either side was being honest about “just doing what’s right”, it’d be admirable although still 100% wrong. The fact is, they are almost to a number self-serving power whores and it sucks watching them on public display.