Mitt #Romney, Pamela Geller, EDL's Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer and John Bolton

darthstar10/16/2012 8:12:57 am PDT

So the Giants got their asses handed to them in game 1 of the NLCS, but came back last night with some solid baseball, positive attitude, and won game 2 Decisively.

I’m hoping to see the same out of President Obama tonight. It’s town hall style, his best venue. He connects with people, shows compassion for them because he understands what it’s like to struggle. He can sympathize with them and still keep a sharp eye on his opponent, who will feel like he’s in a cage with hungry animals and will try to explain his way out…and that’s when Obama needs to pounce, and call him on his bullshit. If he does that, it will be beautiful, because the audience (unless Romney was allowed to stack it himself, which is entirely possible) will shun him if he gets caught lying to them.